Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's Share What We Are Doing to Celebrate International Book Giving Day

If you are getting books into children's hands (and hearts!) on International Book Giving Day this year, we want to celebrate you and your generosity!

We hope that we can all use this International Book Giving Day website (and associated Facebook page, flickr group, etc.) to connect, share stories, and inspire each other to work together to ensure that all kids have access to books.

To that end, please take a few moments to…

·      Add your name to the list of people giving books to kids. Leave your name and country as a comment on the “We’re Giving Books” page.

·      Answer our “How will you celebrate International Book Giving Day?” poll (above right).

·      Share a photograph. This could be a photograph of a child unwrapping a book, a book being slyly deposited in a waiting room, a Valentine’s Day book exchange, etc. A few ways to share photos: 1) add a photo to our International Book Giving Day flickr group, 2) post a photo on International Book Giving Day’s Facebook page, or 3) email a photo to amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com. 

·      Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page letting us know how you plan to celebrate International Book Giving Day.

Attn Bloggers: Join our International Book Giving Day Link-Up

We are inviting those of you who have blogs to join our International Book Giving Day link-upTo participate, write a short post about which books you gave and to whom. Publish the post on your own blog sometime between February 14th and February 21st.

On February 21st, we will host a link-up at Playing by the book and, if all goes well, right hear. You are warmly invited to take part. So, “put a note in your diary,” “mark your calendars,” or do what you do to ensure that you do not forget important dates – important dates like February 21st – the date of our International Book Giving Day link-up.

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